Luminair for macOS now available

After over a decade of trailblazing modern lighting control on iPad and iPhone, Luminair for macOS is finally here! Today’s Luminair v4.2 release give you access to all iPadOS, iOS, and macOS versions under a single subscription plan.

Luminair on macOS is feature equivalent with the iPadOS and iOS versions, offering full project compatibility across platforms. Support for iCloud and other 3rd-party cloud storage providers allows projects to be seamlessly shared across different device types. Read More…

Luminair v4.1 now available with powerful new Chase FX

Today we released Luminair v4.1 for iPadOS and iOS, which includes new features, support for iPadOS/iOS 15, and support for Apple’s latest iPad and iPhone 13 devices.

In this release we’ve added Chase FX, which brings the power of Luminair sequences to individual parameters! Add the Chase effect through the parameter FX options.Read More…

Luminair 4 and Luminair Pro released for iPadOS and iOS
Luminair 4 and Luminair Pro are now available with an amazing amount of new options… This is the biggest update in Luminair’s history!

We’ve been listening to your feedback and have implemented a ton of feature requests as new options in v4. Features like multi-universe support, RDM support (beta), a brand new, rich-metadata-filled fixture library with data licensed from Carallon, support for Apple HomeKit, and a macOS version (coming soon).

Starting with this release, instead of creating a major new version with a full upgrade price, we’ve made a decision to move to subscription-based pricing for all new feature updates. This way we can continuously add new features as they are ready, instead of waiting years between major releases. Existing features from v3 will remain functional for v3 users and will continue to receive maintenance updates.

With that out of the way, here’s a look at what’s new in v4 and beyond:
Read More…