Luminair 4 and Luminair Pro released for iPadOS and iOS
Luminair 4 and Luminair Pro are now available with an amazing amount of new options… This is the biggest update in Luminair’s history!

We’ve been listening to your feedback and have implemented a ton of feature requests as new options in v4. Features like multi-universe support, RDM support (beta), a brand new, rich-metadata-filled fixture library with data licensed from Carallon, support for Apple HomeKit, and a macOS version (coming soon).

Starting with this release, instead of creating a major new version with a full upgrade price, we’ve made a decision to move to subscription-based pricing for all new feature updates. This way we can continuously add new features as they are ready, instead of waiting years between major releases. Existing features from v3 will remain functional for v3 users and will continue to receive maintenance updates.

With that out of the way, here’s a look at what’s new in v4 and beyond:

Free new features:
– Adds support for Apple HomeKit lights, outlets and switches (Replaces Hue support… See notes below)
– New Sidebar offers increased workflow flexibility and speed
– New document selection UI
– Open and save project files anywhere on the device, including external USB drives
– New Pinch/zoom gesture to resize fader and scene buttons
– Dark Mode support
– Support for iPad Magic Keyboard and Trackpads
– Tons of other improvements and bug fixes

New subscription-based features:
– Rich, Cloud-Based Fixture Library based on data licensed from Carallon
– DMX Channel Slot metadata with Gobo Images, Color Swatches, and contextual real world values
– Full 16-bit support
– RDM Support (beta). Discover, add and manage RDM fixtures with ease
– Multi-Universe support. Control up to 4 DMX Universes (Luminair Pro)
– Revised “Group” feature now allows you to automatically control fixtures with similar parameters simultaneously
– Edit Blind mode
– Switch fixture modes easily from within the project, without having to load a new profile
– Replace Fixture option allows swapping with another light or profile while retaining scene values
– New “Hide” option allows for main controls view customization
– Enhanced Color Control with new Mixer, Gel, and XY pickers
– DMX Input Triggers (Luminair Pro)
– HomeKit Button Triggers (Luminair Pro)
– Universal Search
– Green/Magenta adjustment
– New On/Off DMX control
– MIDI “Talkback”
– And much more!

Subscription Feature Roadmap:
– macOS version coming soon. Use Luminair on iPadOS, iOS and macOS under a single subscription.
– Improved Fixture Cell Support
– Swatches in CCT/Tint pickers
– Monthly fixture profile updates through the cloud (when new profiles are available)
– Regular new-feature updates. Many new top-secret features are already in development. Stay tuned!

Notice for users working with Philips Hue:
– Please note that Philips has discontinued their official Hue SDK framework for iOS, and as a result we have removed it in this release and replaced it with native Apple HomeKit support.
– HomeKit allows you to control Hue lights alongside any other HomeKit manufacturer’s lights.
– Please add your Hue bridge to a HomeKit Home within the Home app on your device to begin.
– When opening a project with Hue lights, Luminair will attempt to detect and convert them. Please make sure that lights are named the same to ensure they’re discovered correctly.
– You can always change smart light assignments in the Connections view > HomeKit.

Visit the new web site at for full details!

User experience is important to us. For further assistance with this update or any other issues, please contact us at

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