Luminair v4.3 adds new CCT presets and HomeKit Automations

Today we released Luminair v4.3 for iOS, PadOS, and macOS.

In this release we’ve added new Kelvin “preset” swatches to the CCT Picker. The new presets allow you to quickly choose from commonly used color temperatures, as well as fixture-specific upper and lower ranges, all with a single selection.

Also in version 4.3 is a powerful new feature for Luminair Pro users: HomeKit Automation Triggers. With HomeKit Automations, you can trigger Luminair scenes and other global actions whenever another HomeKit light accessory is set to a specific state (On/Off/Intensity). The new automations allow you to control both HomeKit and DMX lights through scenes and global actions, which will make integration of DMX lighting a simple process in venues, smart homes, and other installations.

To add a new HomeKit Automation Trigger, select a scene’s name label and select Triggers, then select “Configure” under the HomeKit section. Select “Automations” at the top of the window that appears, and then select the HomeKit accessory that you want to use for triggering. Once you’ve selected the accessory, choose a state (and a trigger value if using intensity) and select “Action” and choose either a specific Luminair scene or global action to trigger. That’s it! The next time that accessory is set the chosen state, Luminair will trigger the action you’ve set.

This opens a whole new world of ways to integrate Luminair with wired switches, external automations, scheduling, and more!

Luminair v4.3 is available now from the App Store for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Stay tuned! We have a lot of exciting new features in the works for future updates!

v4.3 change list:
– Added new Kelvin “preset” swatches to the CCT Picker. Quickly choose from commonly used color temperatures with a single selection
– Added new HomeKit Automation Triggers to Luminair Pro – Trigger Luminair scenes (DMX and HomeKit) and other global actions whenever another HomeKit light accessory is set to a specific state (On/Off/Intensity), allowing for deep integration with other HomeKit automations like scheduling or sensors.
– Fixture Cloud Updates
– Improved support for non-linear CCT ramps with Fixture Cloud profiles
– Smoother 16-bit pan/tilt algorithm
– 16-bit Integer values now used on 16-bit faders and keypad when Display DMX Values is enabled in Settings
– Percentages are now displayed on Color parameter knobs when Display DMX Values is enabled in Settings, as color parameters control multiple DMX channels
– Fixed an issue with up/down stepper on Y keypad
– Fixed an issue that could affect performance when changing a scene’s fade time during a fade in progress
– Other minor fixes and improvements

User experience is important to us. For further assistance with this update or any other issues, please contact us at

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